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California Eastern Labs

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California Eastern Labs
California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) is a 60+-year-old wireless technology company. CEL Connectivity has been providing best-in-class radio solutions to OEMs for over 15 years. Their product specialization is in short range wireless solutions, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, or multi-protocol technologies. CEL's RF components provide OEMs with some of the smallest packaging and highest performance devices in the market. For either product offering, their U.S.-based team works closely with customers to identify the ideal technology that delivers the optimal solution for their application, supports them vehemently through the challenges that wireless presents, and provides customers with the highest quality and performing products available in its class. Leveraging these solutions, companies are enabled to get to market fast, in a position to offer world-class-performing end-products and compete globally.

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