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Counter Shift Registers

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Logic Type
Shift Register
Output Type
Number of Elements
Number of Bits per Element
Serial to Parallel, Serial
Voltage - Supply
2V ~ 6V
Operating Temperature
-40°C ~ 125°C
Package / Case
16-SOIC (0.154
Product Category:
Counter Shift Registers
Product Type:
Counter Shift Registers
Logic ICs


"74HC595D" is the specific part number for the shift register IC (Integrated Circuit) in the 74HC family of logic devices. It is widely used in the field of digital electronics for serial-to-parallel data conversion and parallel data output expansion.

Key features and features of the 74HC595D shift register IC include:

1. Serial-In, Parallel-Out (SIPO) Operation: The IC receives data in serial format through the shift register data (SER) input pin and converts it to parallel data at the parallel data output (Q0-Q7) pins.

2. Cascadable: Multiple 74HC595D ICs can be daisy-chained together, allowing expansion of output pins to drive a large number of devices with a minimum of microcontroller pins.

3. Storage register: The IC contains an 8-bit storage register to hold the data after the shift operation, allowing the data to be latched and output simultaneously.

4. Tri-state output: The output of the IC can be set to a high-impedance state (tri-state), allowing data and control lines to be shared with other devices.

5. High-speed operation: "HC" in the model number indicates that the IC operates at high speed, suitable for various applications requiring fast data transmission.

Applications of 74HC595D Shift Register IC:

1. LED matrix control: 74HC595D is widely used in LED matrix displays, it can efficiently drive rows and columns of LEDs, saving microcontroller pins.

2. Seven-segment display: used to drive seven-segment LED display for digital output.

3. Control of peripheral devices: This IC is used to control multiple peripheral devices that require parallel control signals, such as relays, motors, and other digital circuits.

4. Data multiplexing: The IC can be used to multiplex data from multiple sources onto a shared data bus.

5. Digital clock: used to control and display time information in digital clock circuits.

 If you are interested in purchasing the 74HC595D or need more information, please consider contacting your distributor, Baiyuan Technology.

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