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TO-263-8, D2Pak (7 Leads + Tab), TO-263CA
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Part Number
FET Type
SiCFET (Silicon Carbide)
Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss)
650 V
Current - Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25°C
33A (Tc)
Drive Voltage (Max Rds On, Min Rds On)
Rds On (Max) @ Id, Vgs
105mOhm @ 20A, 18V
Vgs(th) (Max) @ Id
5V @ 1mA
Gate Charge (Qg) (Max) @ Vgs
63 nC @ 18 V
Vgs (Max)
+22V, -10V
Input Capacitance (Ciss) (Max) @ Vds
1230 pF @ 800 V
Power Dissipation (Max)
250W (Tc)
Operating Temperature
-55°C ~ 175°C
Package / Case
TO-263-8, D²Pak (7 Leads + Tab), TO-263CA
Supplier Device Package


SCTH40N120G2V7AG is a specific model of a power MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) produced by STMicroelectronics. The information and application introduction about SCTH40N120G2V7AG are as follows:

1. MOSFET type: SCTH40N120G2V7AG is an N-channel enhancement mode power MOSFET. It is designed for high power applications requiring low on-resistance and high efficiency.

2. Voltage and current ratings: "40N120" in the part number indicates that the maximum voltage rating of the MOSFET is 1200V. This voltage rating specifies the maximum voltage that the device can handle. The current rating of the SCTH40N120G2V7AG may vary and is usually specified in the datasheet.

3. Low on-resistance: MOSFETs have low on-resistance to reduce power loss and improve efficiency in power switching applications.

4. Fast switching speed: SCTH40N120G2V7AG has fast switching characteristics, which can realize fast and efficient switching transitions in power electronic circuits.

5. Avalanche Rated: The MOSFET is avalanche rated, which means it can withstand high energy transient events without damage. This feature enhances the robustness and reliability of the device.

6. TO-247 package: SCTH40N120G2V7AG adopts TO-247 package, which has excellent heat dissipation capability and is easy to install.

SCTH40N120G2V7AG MOSFETs are commonly used in various high power applications including but not limited to:

- Power Supply: Can be used in power supply designs such as switching power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

- Motor drive: MOSFETs are suitable for motor control applications including electric vehicle systems, industrial automation and robotics.

- Renewable Energy Systems: Can be used in solar inverters, wind turbine systems and other renewable energy applications.

- Industrial equipment: MOSFETs are suitable for high-power industrial equipment, including welding machines, power converters, and high-voltage power supplies.

- Lighting system: It can be used in high power LED lighting applications such as street lighting and stadium lighting.

For the detailed specifications, electrical characteristics and application notes of the SCTH40N120G2V7AG, it is recommended to refer to the data sheets and documents provided by STMicroelectronics.

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