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Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps JFET Input

Texas Instruments
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Texas Instruments
Product Category:
Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps
Mounting Style:
Through Hole
Package / Case:
Number of Channels:
2 Channel
Supply Voltage - Max:
30 V
GBP - Gain Bandwidth Product:
3 MHz
Output Current per Channel:
10 mA
SR - Slew Rate:
13 V/us
Vos - Input Offset Voltage:
6 mV
Supply Voltage - Min:
7 V
Minimum Operating Temperature:
- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:
+ 85 C
Ib - Input Bias Current:
200 pA
Operating Supply Current:
1.4 mA
No Shutdown
CMRR - Common Mode Rejection Ratio:
86 dB
en - Input Voltage Noise Density:
18 nV/sqrt Hz
Amplifier Type:
General Purpose Amplifier
Texas Instruments
Dual Supply Voltage:
+/- 5 V, +/- 9 V, +/- 12 V, +/- 15 V
4.57 mm
In - Input Noise Current Density:
0.01 pA/sqrt Hz
Input Type:
9.81 mm
Maximum Dual Supply Voltage:
+/- 18 V
Minimum Dual Supply Voltage:
+/- 3.5 V
Operating Supply Voltage:
7 V to 36 V, +/- 3.5 V to +/- 18 V
Operational Amplifiers
Product Type:
Op Amps - Operational Amplifiers
Factory Pack Quantity:
Amplifier ICs
Supply Type:
Single, Dual
Vcm - Common Mode Voltage:
Negative Rail + 4 V to Positive Rail - 4 V
Voltage Gain dB:
106.02 dB
6.35 mm
Unit Weight:
0.015535 oz


The "TL082IP" is a specific part number for a dual operational amplifier IC manufactured by Texas Instruments. Operational amplifiers (op-amps) are widely used in various electronic circuits for amplification, signal conditioning, filtering, and other analog signal processing tasks.

Function and Features:

The TL082IP is a dual operational amplifier with two separate amplifier circuits within a single package. Each amplifier can independently amplify input signals.

Key Specifications:

Number of Amplifiers: Dual-channel, containing two separate operational amplifiers.

Supply Voltage Range: The range of supply voltages over which the op-amp can operate.

Input Offset Voltage: The voltage difference between the inverting and non-inverting inputs required to make the output zero.

Input Common-Mode Voltage Range: The range of input voltage levels that the op-amp can handle without distortion.

Output Voltage Swing: The range of output voltage levels that the op-amp can produce.

Bandwidth: The frequency range over which the op-amp can accurately amplify signals.

Slew Rate: The rate at which the output voltage can change in response to changes in the input.


Dual Op-Amp: Contains two independent op-amp circuits in a single package.

High Input Impedance: Op-amps typically have high input impedance, making them suitable for various input signal sources.

Low Output Impedance: Op-amps typically have low output impedance, allowing them to drive low-impedance loads.

Low Noise: Designed to minimize noise and provide accurate signal amplification.

Internal Compensation: The internal circuitry is compensated for stability and performance.

Wide Common-Mode Range: Can handle input signals that vary around a wide range of common-mode voltages.


Signal Conditioning: Used to modify, amplify, or filter signals before further processing.

Audio Amplification: Applied in audio amplifiers and preamplifiers for sound systems.

Instrumentation: Used in measurement and test equipment for signal processing.

Filter Circuits: Applied in active filter circuits to modify frequency response.

Voltage Followers: Used to buffer and isolate input and output signals.

Comparators: Applied in comparator circuits to compare two input signals.

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