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LED Lighting Drivers Adj LED DRIVER

Texas Instruments
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Texas Instruments
Product Category:
LED Lighting Drivers
Mounting Style:
Package / Case:
Number of Outputs:
1 Output
Output Current:
500 mA
Input Voltage, Min:
4.5 V
Input Voltage, Max:
42 V
Boost, Buck
Operating Frequency:
10 kHz
Output Voltage:
16 V
Minimum Operating Temperature:
- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:
+ 125 C
Cut Tape
Constant Current
Texas Instruments
Input Voltage:
4.5 V to 42 V
Moisture Sensitive:
Number of Channels:
1 Channel
Operating Supply Voltage:
4.5 V to 42 V
Operating Temperature Range:
- 40 C to + 125 C
Output Type:
Current Mode
Product Type:
LED Lighting Drivers
Factory Pack Quantity:
Driver ICs
Supply Current - Max:
22 mA
Unit Weight:
0.000388 oz


The TL4242DRJR is a precision adjustable shunt voltage reference from Texas Instruments. Here are the key features and specifications of the TL4242DRJR:


1. Precision Voltage Reference: The TL4242DRJR provides a highly accurate reference voltage for precision voltage regulation and monitoring applications.

2. Adjustable Output Voltage: It offers an adjustable output voltage that can be programmed using external resistors, providing flexibility in selecting the desired reference voltage.

3. Low Dropout Voltage: The shunt voltage reference has a low dropout voltage, enabling it to operate effectively even when the input voltage is close to the output voltage.

4. Low Temperature Coefficient: The TL4242DRJR exhibits a low temperature coefficient, ensuring stability and accuracy over a wide range of operating temperatures.

5. Low Output Voltage Noise: It has low output voltage noise, minimizing the impact of noise on the reference voltage and improving overall system performance.

6. High Output Current Capability: The device is capable of providing a high output current, allowing it to drive external loads or power other circuitry.

7. Short-Circuit Protection: The TL4242DRJR includes built-in short-circuit protection, safeguarding the device and the connected circuitry from excessive current.


1. Output Voltage Range: The TL4242DRJR can be adjusted to provide an output voltage between 1.24V and 18V, depending on the external resistor values.

2. Initial Accuracy: It has an initial accuracy of ±0.5%, ensuring precise voltage regulation.

3. Temperature Coefficient: The temperature coefficient of the shunt voltage reference is typically around 50 ppm/°C, indicating minimal voltage drift with temperature changes.

4. Dropout Voltage: The dropout voltage is typically around 0.2V at 10mA output current.

5. Output Current: The TL4242DRJR can deliver a maximum output current of 100mA, depending on the input-output voltage differential and thermal conditions.


The TL4242DRJR shunt voltage reference is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

1. Voltage Regulation: It can be used as a precision voltage reference in voltage regulators, power management systems, and analog circuitry.

2. Test and Measurement: The device is well-suited for test and measurement equipment that requires accurate voltage references, such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, and data acquisition systems.

3. Industrial Control: It can be employed in industrial control systems, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), and instrumentation equipment for accurate voltage monitoring and regulation.

4. Communication Systems: The TL4242DRJR is suitable for use in communication systems, including base stations, wireless routers, and network equipment that require stable and accurate voltage references.

5. Automotive Electronics: It can be utilized in automotive applications such as engine control units, automotive lighting, and infotainment systems, providing precise voltage references for reliable operation.

6. Consumer Electronics: The shunt voltage reference can be used in various consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and portable audio players for accurate voltage regulation and monitoring.

Please note that the specific application requirements and operating conditions should be considered when incorporating the TL4242DRJR into a design. It is recommended to refer to the datasheet and technical documentation provided by Texas Instruments for detailed information and design considerations.

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